This tape is a collection of different recordings with John Emerson throughout 97-98. The first 3 songs were recorded this October, then 4 of the songs are from a 7" that was supposed to be released on Dyslexic Records but was never put out. And two more of the songs were from various sessions with John in March and in June. the first twenty tapes had white covers, then the next 50 had blue covers, then the next 50 have orange covers. For you collectors out there. And the rest are red.
Heres the songs and the lyrics so you can sing along at home
2.Wilmette Beach
4.Someone Stole my Bike
5.Hot Chocolate
9.Nothing to do

Twenty-one i'm sick of everyone telling me what to do and telling me how to live my life and she said your too young to drink your life away but I don't care i'll do whatever I want to do cause you know I don't care about I single thing you say cause we're doing things our way. and the law says we have to be a certain age but i've got a bottle in my hand and a smile on my face and if they think imposing fines we'll make us go away they need a wake up call cause we're fucking hear to stay.
Wilmette Beach one day it came apparent to me that my weekends aren't as fun as they used to be whatever happened to the good old days when everyday had new possibilities, not a thirty minute drive in the pouring rain or a hang over that never goes away I don't know why people say that they like this fucking place, whatever happened to the good old days cause wilmette beach has changed and I'm never going back yeah right I'll probably be there next weekend, yeah right I'll probably be there next weekend.
Yesterday I remember when things were so easy life was simple and I always got my way I can't believe that I took it for granted one day I woke up and everything had changed. and I don't wanna grow up at all I'll run and yell reliving the good times, I can't remember when things were this way getting caught up being eighteen. I can't remember when things got confusing I could have sworn it happened just the other day for all those times that I shoulda got in trouble one day I woke up with no one to blame. chorus... the day that follows... It seems just like yesterday chorus again
Someone Stole my Bike i see you coming here coming out from no where I see you take my bike you can't get away with that he was a punk rock dude with a green mohawk and a bad attitude, someone stole my bike and I want it back yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hot Chocolate I'll post these soon
Hero its freezing cold out i sure wish that i was home in bed instead of stuck in traffic on my way to school its way too early i dont feel like learning anything all those stupid people just keep getting on my nerves just when my life seems like its upside down you smile at me and then you turn it right around i think that youre a superhero (woah) youve got a way of making everything okay so many problems are running through my head give me a knife and slit my wrists i wish that i was dead i havent seen you and this days taking soo long and all im wishing is that you had never gone
Myself i learned alot today i found that im the same no matter what i do no matter what i say i tried so damn hard to be like someone else.. but i keep on fucking up... YA! woke up today threw on the same old pair of pants then i decided to be different so i thought id take a chance so i jumped into my car and sped off to the mall to see if i cold find the latest fashion trends to imporve my personality a chain hangs from my wallet from my extra baggy jeans shoved an earring through my tongue just to impress my fellwo teens i thought wow i am so cool now i can be friends with all the kids at school ..and it seems so hard to find myself i read a magazine so i could buy the hippest brands then i bought 1000 records so i can say ive heard of the bands put sunglasses on my head on top of my new slick haridoo and i wasted my last paycheck on these neat new pair of shoes so now im styling head to toe but i still feel the same just cause i mightve chnaged my look deep in my heart nothing has changed i guess ill just have to be myself cuz its just so dumb being like everybody else
Gibbons I'll post these soon
I hate my friends I'm alone almost every single night and I try to tell myself everything'll be alright be how many more times am I gonna have to lie. Well i tried to act cool before but I just don't think it'll work much more because Its a little too hard these days for me. Its no use so I won't try I guess I'll just lay down and cry there all drunks I hate my friends I've waited so long for this night to end. woah woah ho ho ho will you be my friend will you be my friend well I called some numbers on the phone but no one ever answers cause there not home I guess its just another lonely day for me, well there so many people in this stupid town and theres not a single one I wanna be around because no one sees things as I see and no one ever wants to hang out with me.
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