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New Left Standard Tape Info

o.k. heres all the dirt on our tape,
Its called "Cool Like Chris" theres actually no reason for the title, It doesn't really mean anything. It was recorded by John Emerson sometime in July and has 5 songs(although we actually recorded 6 songs with him). There are at least 250 of these tapes in circulation and 50 more were released on Funded by Mom records which had 4 live tracks also. We've stopped selling these tapes, so just get copies from your friends. for you who already have the tape here are all the lyrics from the tape, so you can sing along at home!!!

1.Hot Chocolate 2.Myself 3.Someone Stole My Bike 4.T.M.F. 5.Skater Song

why do u even bother arguing with me when you no im right and your plain wrong you always try to win but you know youre gonnna lose so why even bother when you drag it along I thought that i would love you til the very day you die and if you didnt love me back then i would have to go and cry cause you always made me happy and you always made me grin and you make me melt like marshmellows in hot chocolate well here i am and your so far away and all i think about is when we used to play just when i think i got it all worked out ahead of me your the only one that i can never see Youre a whiny little baby and you make me really pissed cause I wasted months on you and we never even kissed you acted like my girlfriend but we didnt even date so i guess that youre the one im gonna love to hate I thought that i would love you till the very day you die and if you didnt love me back then i would have to go and cry cause you always made me happy and you always made me grin and you made me melt like marshmellows in hot chocolate I guess i shouldntve said to go away when the truth was that I wanted you to stay just when i think i got it all laid out and going fine you are the only one that i can never find I guess i made a big mistake but at least i know that youre a fake
i learned a lot today i found that im the same no matter what i do no matter what i say i tried so hard to be like someone else but i keep on messin up yeah woke up today threw on my same old pair of pants then i decided to be different so i thought id take a chance so i hopped into my car and sped off to the mall to see if i could by the latest fashion trends to improve my personality a chain hooked on my wallet and some really baggy jeans shoved an earring in my tongue just to impress my fellow teens i thought wow i am so cool now i can be friends with all the kids at school **and it seems so hard to find myself** read a magizine so i could find the hippest brands then i bought 1000 records so i could say i heard the bands wear sunglasses on my head and i got a slick hairdoo and i spent my last three paychecks on these neat new pair of shoes now im stylin head to toe but i still feel the same just cause i have a trendy look deep in my heart nothing has changed ill just have to be myself cause its just to tough to act like everybody else
i see you coming here coming out from nowhere i see you takemy bike you cant get away with that he was a punk rock dude with a green mohawk and a bad attitude 1234 **someone stole my bike and i want it back**
shut up and sit down does it make you feel big cause you know i wont get up and fight with you its true that youre bigger than me my bodies like a pencil and youres is like a tree but that hasnt stopped me yet and its not starting now get ready for a shock cause im gonna show you how to fight and stand up for your rights and ill keep fightin till the day fades into night so youre runnin round and pushin people down i guess youll do what it takes to make yourself happy its a sin if you play and you dont win so you cut the others down just so you dont feel crappy well that was fine but not this time im not gonna let it go We dont wanna go
i go to the same shows you do but i dont hang around with your crew cause i dont skate or rollerblade you wear clothes like blind and hookups if we wear those clothes you erupt you call us names man thats so lame **were not skaters or alternaters were not even rollerbladers but when it comes down to it we dont ^really care one bit** people will make fun of us thats for sure cause there vision is such a blur to many fogged up minds so dont act tough when your riding that skateboard or call me a poser when im wearin my cords dont look now cause your wearin them too.
all lyrics by Eric Dalke except "Someone Stole My Bike " by Chris King
all music by New Left Standard©1997