A Radio Show and a Fake I.D. Sept 16th 1999

Well hey guys its me a again writing from Marquette University in Downtown Milwaukee. Alot of stuff has been happening these days, and let me tell you college is really fucking hard, alot of studying and writing papers and stuff, but i've been managing. I just have a couple new updates for this being almost my first month at college. I finally got a fake id the other day and let me tell you its awful. I'm a mexican guy named Vinnie Gonzalez from Miami Florida, I was in some drunk girls room and one of her friends said hey I have this I.D. that looks exactly like you.. So I was interested so she pulled it out and let me tell you this dude in this I.D. looks nothing like me, but she gave it to me for free and I went to hit the bars and the liquor stores around here and suprizingly enough it actually works, so hey I have no complaints. If anyone is ever in Downtown Milwaukee at night stop by Angelos Pizzeria and Pub and you'll more than likely see me hangin out at the bar downing a couple pitchers. In completely un-related news I just got a radio show at WMUR in Milwaukee on Thursday Mornings from 9am-11am called King in the Morning and I'll be playing tons of stuff from the extensive Funded By Mom Catalog and a buncha of other songs I like. So if you're in Milwaukee you can give me a listen or if you're not you can hear me in real audio by going to this link right here WMUR Real Audio Direct Link on Thursday Mornings if you click it any other time you'll be listening to some of the other quality shows on WMUR. Look for the King in the Morning website coming soon. Also in Funded By Mom Records news I just picked up another band called Last Call, so go to the FBM website and listen to their mp3, cause their really good. Until next time, chris king
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