Terry's Run in with the Law

i knew the time i got to college that there would come a time and place where i'd run into some kind of trouble with the law. Well, last saturday night i did. This past weekend our football team faced our archrival Central Michigan last saturday night at our home stadium. I guess the last time this happened a huge riot broke out and there were students lighting fires and flipping over cars, needless to say everyone was full blown drunk. The Western Michigan police wanted to be prepared this weekend in case anything like this would happen. I was told they rounded up 150 cops including 40 undercovers to help keep things controlled. My roomates and i decided that it would be best to hang out and party in our own apartment, because they were cops crawling everywhere, we even had a cop riding his bike around our apartment complex. Well i'll cut to the chase. Saturday night we were all chilling at our apartment. my roomate brought some of his friends over. My roomate was drinking as well as his friends. i chose to have a couple of beers around 6:00 and just smoke down the rest of the night. Around midnight i thought i heard knocks on the door. We had the music up but not too loud. i decided to check it out and slowly made it way to the door. I get to the door and peek through the peek hole. Guess who happened to be there but 6 fucking pigs. all of us just turn and run into our rooms and hope to wait there till they leave. they kept on knocking really fucking loud. i was waiting in my room and saw flash lights outside. i quickly turned the blinds down, just in time when the flash light made it to my window. they kept knocking. then i heard some voices and looked thru the crack of my door to see some girls that my roomate knew enter the door. They came to our rooms and told us that the cops wanted to talk to the people that lived in the apartment. i couldn't believe it. we go out in the hallway and the cops asked us for our i.d.'s. then preceded to give us all breath alyzers. i didn't know if i would come up with anything i didn't even remember how much i drank that night, if nothing at all, i was high as a fucking kite. the cop told us that our music was too loud and that they heard from the outside and that's why they came. i asked him " well then why are you asking for our ids sir" then the pig said to me"what are you a smart ass." "you've all been drinking i'm not an idiot" Then the cop put his snout in my face and asked me if i wanted to spend the night in county lock up. i was confused as hell, but the guy was getting pissier by the second. so he gave me a breath alayzer and i came up with 0.0 i was surpised as fuck. but my roomate got the shaft. he came up with 1.4 and was given a M.I.P. you'd think that sitting in your own home would be safer then walking to some party and getting busted by police. but the fact is that cops just don't give a fuck, they'll spoil anyone's good time at any cost. so there it is my first encounter with the law here, and i'm thinking it won't be the last time either.
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