Chris's Run in with the law

well it was a sunny afternoon in downtown milwaukee and me and my buddy Chris Murphy decided to take a walk down the lake cause we were kind of bored and we wanted to check out the new town that we would be living in for the next four years of our life. But anyways got halfway to the lake and we decided that we had walked enough and that we were going to turn back. So we started on our way and we were about to cross the street, so we checked both ways of the street to make sure no cars were coming because me and murph like most people that I know aren't big fans of getting hit by cars, so we checked it out and it looked to be clear with the exception of a police officer that was making a left turn, so he wasn't gonna be in our path so we decided to go on our merry way across the street. Now this why I am now a criminal in the state of milwaukee, because the electric sign was flashing "don't walk" and being the rebelious young adolescents we are who have no respect for authority we decided to walk across even though it said don't walk because the street was completely clear. Well the second we walk across the street, cop puts on his lights and runs out of his car and we were like "What the fuck did we do now" and this rather built African American(this is my attempt at being Culturally Conscience) Cop runs up to us and says is there any reason for you're failure to heed the traffic signal. And from the second he said that, till meeting our unexpected doom, I was seriously laughing so hard that I was like shaking cause I couldn't keep it in. Well me and Murph apologized and said we had just gotten into town and were not familiar with Milwaukee Pedestrian Laws, and of course the asshole didn't care cause he just wanted to meet his ticket quota for the day. So he's like can I see some I.D. so we give it to him and he goes to the car and the fucker starts writing us a ticket. As he writing us our tickets I'm watching as at least 20 people are crossing the street when the don't walk sign was on. And this cop was looking right at then. But does he do anything? nope, not a thing. So anyways this fucker gets out of his car and hands me and Murph two tickets. He said like the true asshole he was,"Here are you're two tickets for a Traffic Signal Violation each of you have to pay $46.50 to the Milwaukee Police or will will issue a warrant for you're arrest. I was like "You gotta be kidding me" "Fifty Bones cause I walked across the street when the don't walk sign was on. Then he pulls out this black bag and he like I need to get you're fingerprints, and just seriously broke out into laughter when he said this, I said "What did we hold up a fucking bank or something" what do you need our prints for. Well he didn't even give us the courtesy of telling us why. But anyways he got Murph's prints and then he started to get to mine. Like I said before I was laughing so hard that I was shaking, so when the cop tryed to get my prints on the paper he wouldn't be able to get a good print, so the fucker made me sit there and I swear he did it like five times, So he got my print got back in his car and went on his merry way and now me and Murph were stuck with a $50 ticket courtesy of the Fucking Milwaukee Police Department. Well I have a Sept 11th court date, so we'll have to see what happens, we're coming all decked out in suits and stuff, but I sometimes wonder what would happen if I didn't pay the ticket, would they come up to my dorm and like take me out in hand cuffs or something, just because the walk sign wasn't lit? fuck that.
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