Interview from This is Our Scene #1 long has NLS been together?
new left standard started out in November of 1996 and consisted of five members(three of which are still in nls). It started off as more pop punk with a little ska thrown in and by April of 97 had a full horn section. In this time our lineup has changed way to many times though. We've had two different bass players, 3 different guitar players, 3 trombone players, 2 trumpet players, 2 lead singers, the only thing that has stayed the same is that terry has always been the drummer for nls and nicole(sax) has been the only stable horn player.(sorry it took me so long to answer that). 2.any new releases comming out soon?
our 7" called Arlington Heights should be out within a month on Dyslexic records which will have 4 tunes on it and was recorded by the famous John Emerson, also we have another unreleased track on The "Five YeaRS of Dyslexic" comp and another new track on the Everything Offbeat 2 comp which is coming out soon if I'm not mistakened.
3.what was it like playing at the metro
playing at the metro was fucked up. we got backstage passes and our own dressing room it was kinda scary. but the guys from Figgs were really cool although I wasn't exactly charmed by there music but they did tour with Weezer so that was cool. Eve 6 were a bunch of fucking rockstars so they can get fucked, I've never actually heard any of there music before and that night was no exception.(we left 2 songs in to the figgs set). So basically it was a bad alternative show but hey the sound is really great there.
4.who are you're influences
hmmmmm influences well theres that one band that starts with an S and I'm just not gonna say anything more about that. and Fifteen,Tricky Dick, the Mushuganas, Broadways, and the fat wreck bands. We really don't listen to much ska unless its really good, but most of it is not.
5.who's gonna win the kickball game?
Definetely us, shortly after we were challenged to this kickball game by those damned new jacks we set aside the first 20 minutes of every nls practice for intense circuit training and we run through tires in my back yard and stuff, and when trombone player tim Murphy from the new jacks was asked what they were doing to prepare for this grudge match he replied," we're just gonna smoke more cigarettes" The new jacks are going down.'s funded by mom going
funded by mom is going great, I'm really excited about it we're releasing stuff like crazy. we've got the chauncey full length coming out which is some damn good emo punk stuff, we're rereleasing the new jacks demo tape and then Blue Bottle's full length which I'm stoked for. They all should be out with in a month if all goes well.
7.any other comments?
I just think we have a really good scene going here and alot of people are helping out to make the northwest suburbs a really cool place for bands to play. Theres not to many towns where emo, hardcore and ska bands can be on the same bill without a fuss. and I think Its great that we are able so throw shows at the knights of columbus for only $3 dollars I just think thats fucking amazing. chris-nls
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